The Healing Rooms: Reign Supreme – Black Women’s Free Online Group Therapy

Wednesday 1 November

Are you on a healing journey or looking for a space to reconnect to yourself and others? The group provides an opportunity for self exploration and healing as well as to learn tools to support and connect more deeply to yourself (and others).


Topics/themes looked at in sessions include:

  • Emotional absent parents: and looking at the wide ranging impacts of this
  • Self Suppression v Expression
  • Boundaries – where you end and I begin – loosening them to allow enhancing things in, and tightened them where appropriate
  • Self Sacrificing Roles: caretaking, people pleasing, perfectionism – also looking at issues of self worth and value
  • Good Child & Angry Child

Others topics include: exploring healthy relationship models, betrayal, forgiveness, shame, guilt, fear, grief, sadness

We use a range of tools and approaches to include:- inner child healing, visualisations, meditations and other creative forms of expression.

About Group Therapy

We learn about ourselves in interaction with others, and in particular community. Every person that you meet has the potential to teach you something about yourself just by virtue of them showing up, just as they will benefit from your presence in group. Group spaces are powerful healing spaces and provide a range of benefits and the opportunity to:

  • – Learn to use your voice and become visible in the containment of the group space
  • – Learn to connect more deeply to yourself – as other people share in the group, you may find that you identify with what they are saying, or that someone is able to put into words something that you are feeling
  • – Take risks to share yourself – group therapeutic spaces provide an environment where you can take risks in learning to be with different aspects of yourself and then sharing it with other individuals
  • – Learn about boundaries as you interact with others understanding where these might need to be relaxed or tightened
  • – Challenge your need for approval from others – with each opportunity to interact in the group providing an opportunity for you to pick authenticity or approval
  • – Learn/practice new ways of expressing yourself and relate to others in healthier ways
  • – Source of support
  • – Reduce isolation
  • – Develop empathy
  • – Step outside of your comfort zone

Participants choose what they share in group spaces and learn to take risk to bring about behavioural change in themselves which can be empowering.

About The Healing Rooms

The Healing Rooms are a range of spaces designed to support members of the community to heal, learn, grow and elevate to step into their fullest potential and Selves as Creators of their reality.

The Healing Rooms offer a range of therapeutic and therapy group spaces including for all women only groups, black women of African descent only groups and mix gender group. All groups provide a space for deepening self awareness, healing from a range of ailments/conditions (including ancestral healing and trauma), as well as learning and growing as part of a participant’s continuous development. We don’t just leave it there, however, and believe that it is equally important that participants leave The Healing Rooms feeling empowered with tools, competence and the self belief to be able to take control of their healing and health in managing whatever life challenges may come to light at a later date.

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