The Hot Seat – practical lessons on building anti-racism into your brand

Friday 18th March

Wherever you’re starting from, it’s time to make anti-racism part of YOUR brand.

At Brand by Me, we’re working with LOADS of great organisations on how to build anti-racism into brand and communications. And we’ve learnt a lot along the way. So we’ve created this space for shared learning, for open conversations and most importantly, ACTION.

The Hot Seat is a series of masterclasses where you’ll hear from brands on how they are making anti-racism part of their brand and from experts on how to make it happen. This is not about theory. Or another talking shop, full of pledges and ‘shoulds’.

We’ll be interviewing brand leaders and experts who are, as is often said, doing the work. Warts and all. We’re not looking for that perfect example or case study (because it doesn’t exist) but to hear from brands who are actively embedding anti-racism into the very essence of who they are and how they do things. Brands who are addressing systemic and structural racism, not just making vague statements on their websites and social media. Then we’ll help you put those lessons to WORK.

Here’s how it will work:

Each session will start with a lightening talk from an anti-racism expert on what it means to be truly anti-racist and how to drive long-term change.

Then we’ll put a brand into the hot seat and Collette Philip, Founder of Brand by Me, will interview brand leaders on how they are making anti-racism part of their brand. Finally, Collette will take you through a practical action planning process so you can apply what you’ve heard to your own work.

You’ll learn:

  • What’s working (and what isn’t!)
  • What it takes get buy-in, to overcome internal inertia or procrastination.
  • The mistakes they’ve made along the way.
  • How they are holding themselves accountable.
  • How to build anti-racism into your brand

You can access this series in two ways – by buying a season ticket, which gives you access to all of these sessions on demand. Or by buying a ticket to each individual session. Your call.

Who’s it for?

This series is primarily for brand, marketing and comms folks. However if you’re interested in embedding anti-racism into your organisation, your brand is a key part of this, so do join! We will be drawing on lessons learned from the charity sector but the learnings are relevant for any sector and all are welcome. We are passionate about building brands that drive social justice and we know the power of bringing organisations together to learn and share openly, so this space is for anyone who is serious about driving positive change.

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