Titian: Sex, Race, Murder

Sun, August 16, 2020 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Why the National Gallery’s Exhibition TITIAN: Love Desire Death could be better known as TITIAN: Sex, Race and Murder with its depictions of misogyny, rape and racism.Titian’s Poesie , a series of paintings based on his idiosyncratic interpretation of scenes from Ovid’s epic poem Memorphoses for the the twenty six year old king Philip II, are today celebrated as amongst some of the greatest works of art of all time. But, seen through today’s twenty-first century enlightened eyes there are some deeply troubling depictions of lust, rape , sexism and racism on show. In their male dominated times these images and ideas were the norm, today we think differently, should these works still be celebrated in 2020 ? This illustrated presentation will explore and discuss Titian’s iconic works from an African perspective.

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About the speaker:

Michael is a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and holds degrees in Physics (1974) and Art History (2008). He is a cultural art historian, academic and blogger, his specialism and passion is the black presence in Renaissance European art in particular the Black Magus in Adoration images from that period. He regularly writes on these matters and speaks on those themes at the Victoria & Albert Museum (where his work is referenced), the British Library, the Tate Britain and Victoria and Albert museum.

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