Turning Awareness into Action

Wednesday 12 January 2022

When the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor sparked the flame of racial consciousness, many of us became more aware of the contemporary manifestations of racism. While awareness is critical, knowing is only half the battle. Instead, we must fan the flames of awareness until they ignite into a world forever changed.


In this talk, Dr. Dana E. Crawford invites us to reflect on change that is not driven by the need for more awareness but the necessity of action. More specifically, Dr. Crawford will discuss how to use the Crawford Bias Reduction Theory & Training (CBRT) to systematically reduce bias, prejudice, and racism. The CBRT approach helps participants move from being reactive to the manifestations of bias, prejudice, and racism to being mindful and strategic in responding. This talk will provide participants with concrete bias reduction skills that can be implemented immediately.

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