Building Resilience for Black Women through Self-Care

Saturday 14th May

Building Resilience for Black Women through Self-Care is a workshop that focuses on the Toolkit necessary


This exciting project is being funded by the National Lottery Community Fund

Women have always worn many hats (taking care of family, balancing working life with home life, being the educator, nurturer and caregiver. After time without proper care, attention and investment into our wellbeing this can lead to a loss of identify, self and exhaustion.

Let’s invite “Self-Care” into the room;

Yes, it is often seen as an overindulgent practice and a time to spend time pampering ourselves and for some that is sufficient and all they need.

However, for Black Women Self-Care means finding tools to thrive within spaces and systems that continue challenge our mental and emotional wellbeing.

In this workshop over 2 sessions we look at:

  • The meaning of Self-care to Black Women
  • Boundaries, Barriers & Burnout
  • Vulnerability & Resilience
  • How do I pause?
  • Self-Care action plan
  • Guest speakers on speaking on Nutrition, Mindfulness & Meditation

The “Building Resilience for Black Woman through Self-Care” is a 2 x SESSION WORKSHOP. Held on the Friday and Saturday of each month. Except in the month of May when it will be held on a Thursday. Please book the two session dates as below when registering. To get the optimum benefit attending both sessions are advisable.