Reclaiming a Lost Past: Black British Women, Visibility and the BBC

Saturday 3th December

A day where participants have an opportunity to discuss and interrogate the BBC coverage of Black feminist activists and Black actresses.


Join us at The Feminist Library as Aasiya Lodhi, leads participants through discussion points examining how Black feminist activists and Black actresses have been promoted or obscured in mainstream British culture and society, drawing on material from BBC Archives.

Lodhi is a Senior Lecturer in Media at the University of Westminster. She is a former BBC producer (Radio 3, Radio 4 and World Service) with a specialism in arts and documentary programming. Her research is concerned with twentieth-century British cultural history, especially in relation to colonialism, media and literature.

Refreshments will be provided and an opportunity to connect participants after the discussion.

**This event will be audio recorded by the BBC, therefore release forms will need to be signed upon entry.

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