Scarletones Unveil

Saturday 29th July, 7:00pm

Scarletones Unveil
‘Unveil’ promises to be a night, showcasing rich highly rhythmic spirited percussive music, with a blend of western influences, underpinning jazz undertone and overtures.

Having featured in several performances with various A-list artists on major platforms globally, Scarletones have decided to debut their first ever event under the SCARLETONES brand.

We can’t wait to share with you original music compositions, from an upcoming album borne out of over 20 years worth of experience across all genres. Unveil will not be a concert, but an experience to journey through with us, as we chart across various music spectrums.

Scarletones features A Class Musicians such as:

Sam Fred- Renewed Tenor/Alto Saxophonist with his warm enclave soul jazz tones.

Franklyn Braithwaite – A dexterous Jazz/Fusion Pianist, with a wealth of performance experience, spanning over 20yrs.

Oliver Samson- Renewed Bass Player and professional sound engineer and producer will also be featuring on the night on his electric bass Guitar.

Tolu Bass – As his name depicts will be holding down the low-ends notes for the night (Double Bass).

Goodness Jones – Drummer extraordinaire bringing a range of complex rhythmic expressions to herald the evening.

Special Guests featuring for the night:

Agbola Shadare

Saturday 29 July, 7pm

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