Stockport Race and Culture Awards 2023

Saturday 4th February 2023

Acknowledging the contributions of local people in their strive for Race equity


The theme for Black History this year is ‘Time to Change: Actions not Words’. Stockport Race Equality Partnership will bring together communities to to launch Stockport Race Equality and Culture Awards (SRACA). This intimate and prestige award. will identify and acknowledge people in the locality that strive to promote ‘Race Equity’ embed in good practice. The first of its kind in Stockport aims to add value in tackling Race inequality. Structural inequality in Race, Employment, Health, Education, and Housing including which Race Hate Crime continues to be disproptionately reported.

We want to acknowledge the outstanding work being done by ordinary people, and organisations. Recognition, would be given to individuals who has gone above and beyond in the course of their work, service, passion, and use their privileges to challenge systemic racism and actively take steps to address racial inequality. ‘Stockport Race and Culture Awards’ will be held annually to honour people and organisations that sets the precedence and go the extra mile in contributing to inclusive action and setting good example for themselves and others in becoming Anti -Racist.

Nominations are open and will close December 31st 2022. Please use this link to nominate .

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We are asking Organisations to support us to make this happen, if your Organisation is in a position to do so, please contact us at You certainly would be making history.