African Queens Throughout History

Saturday 25 September 2021

Building on from the Legacy of African Queens throughout History


This public lecture at The Hold has been put on by KMT Rising Ltd in collaboration with Suffolk Black Community Forum, The Hold, Be Me Like We and Aspire Black Suffolk.

The talk is open to all members of the community, as it opens a doorway to understanding the rich history, culture and legacy of African people, by profiling the stories of key African queens as early as the 18th dynasty.

This aspect of world history and African queenship is seldom taught in schools and colleges, and has not been profiled in the Media and so paints an imbalanced view of the world and the great contributions Black people have made to world civilization.

Her-Story of African queenship offers a rich landscape on a canvas of life, exemplifying self-pride, courage, spiritual elevation, strength, knowledge of self, passion and determination; the blueprints to help us all navigate any form of oppression, and more specifically racism, discrimination, colonialism and racial oppression.

Imani has visited schools for over 35 years as a poet, storyteller and educationalist, and this work is a culmination of a work published resource titled African Queens which was co-authored by Sarah Elliott and herself to raise awareness of these silent voices.

We are at a time in history when the truth about Black people, rather than the distorted and stereotyped portrayals is coming to the fore, in order to bring us forward in unity, and to help shape a more diverse and inclusive society based on truth, justice and fairness.

Come and be part of this rich sharing of visual presentation, spoken word and music.