Black at Work VIII

Friday 29th April

An event on how to exist in and navigate corporate and professional spaces as a black person.


Our first experience of an institution is often the education system. Whether we know it or not, our experiences of it can underpin everything we go on to do in life.

Though we have benefitted from the education system in many ways, the sad truth is that in most cases, it rarely comes without hurdles and the empowerment needed to truly thrive because institutional racism. Attainment gaps, socio-economic and other factors mean that when you’re Black, you have to work ‘twice as hard’ to be deemed ‘half as great’. Black children and young adults are more likely to be overlooked and treated poorly because of a lack of correct anti-racist training and education for teachers.

Join us on 29 April where we will be exploring the importance of Black teachers in early education, the experiences of Black pupils and teachers in the education system, the national curriculum and more.

We’ll also be joined by a student from The London Interdisciplinary School for a special Q&A discussion.