Dendê Bloco Percussion Workshops

Sun 15 September 4pm-6.30pm

Come and learn Afro-Brazilian percussion with Mac, leader of the Samba Reggae crew, Dendê Nation this carnival season. Rejoicing and rebellious, uplifting and fun – these sessions will share the rhythms of Northeast Brazil and get you dancing!

About Samba Reggae

Samba Reggae is a musical movement from Salvador, Bahia in the north east of Brazil. Inspired by the civil rights movement in the United States of America, this mixture of Samba from Brazil and Reggae from Jamaica made an infectious fusion in which their Afro-Brazilian heritage can be explored and spread to many others.

Influenced by the Afro and Samba Reggae blocos of Northeast Brazil, Dendê Nation also has influences of Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop and funk fused respectfully into the stirring and uplifting rhythms of Afro-Brazil.

* Please note, the session on 21 July will begin one hour later at 5pm-7.30pm.