Future 001 Xuriyo by Numbi Arts

Friday 26 November 2021

Future 001 Xuriyo is an Afro-Futurist project that tries to imagine the possibilities of a Somali future. 2021 marks three decades since the onset of the Somali war.


This play takes this critical moment as a springboard to step into an imaginary future. It will be a verbatim piece that explores the first-person future tense and carves out the space for all who care about Somali heritage and culture.

About the Company: Numbi Arts is Somali originated and African centred. This not-for-profit organisation champions African diaspora art and culture here in the UK. Numbi facilitates this through platforming African artists as well collaborating in long-term projects. They work with artists as well as a multitude of organisations focused on heritage and culture.

Image: Elmi Ali – writer and director of Future 001 Xuriyo