Tuesday 10 August- Tuesday 24 August 2021

Bamestation (work-in-progress) is Black-British Michelle Brooks’ and British-Kazakhstani Aruhan Galieva’s 60-minute comedy debut, with more BAMES than you can handle.

Two broad box-ticking babes with distinct life experiences and (one might say) diverse identities celebrating the absurdity of being branded under the blanket term BAME.

Michelle will take you through a cacophony of comic observations of BAMOUS women using music and video interludes that will shuttle you through her time and space compendium. Featuring well-known pop-culture characters, Michelle will explore the impact of identity politics on our lives as a whole, covering topics such as employment, fashion, music and social mobility.

The Ted Talk you never wanted. Aruhan is not Kazakhstani enough, not British enough, not Northern enough and definitely not Green enough. JUST GIVE HER A BOX TO TICK. She is also an Intersectional Climate Justice Activist BUT before you start backing away – she’s a pretty crap activist (it’s really hard and she hates conflict). Through live music and song (and a bit of video projection), she will tackle the Climate Crisis and intersectionality – so it’s going to be a pretty sexy half an hour.

In Association With Camden Fringe
Running Time 60mins
Age Advisory 16+

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