Full Circle: The Road to Redemption By Shawn Cole

The book is a fictional novel which has used some of the author’s own personal experiences to help create a story that many people will identify with and relate to. The book has come at the right time.

2020 has been a year when the recent deaths of many Black people in America at the hands of the police have caused a furore around the world. The outrage at these deaths, and the outcries for justice has brought many people of all races and classes together, but inevitably some division in society between Black and white people still exists.


Worldwide calls for justice for African-Americans, a list that includes George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, who have lost their lives because of police brutality, is loud and vociferous. There is a strong sense that these voices are being heard. This book’s ambition is to be one of the voices that helps to unite all races.

The strong message about relationships is played out by the two main characters, one Black, one white, both young and ambitious, with a wonderful can-do attitude, whose views mirror those of many  found in society today. Through their relationship, it becomes clear that everyone should be held accountable for their actions, and that Black youth in particular needs to understand the impact certain choices can have, not just in their youth, but well into their adult years.

Strong messages throughout the book are that with hard work, commitment and the right decisions, career success can be achieved. A message that goes hand in hand with the adage that the road to success is not an easy one to travel, and the mountain of adversity so many have to climb is well worth it.

The plot presents what most Black people know. It’s not easy to make the right decision when the odds are stacked against you and obstacles are put in your path. The book also hopes too, that if you can overcome these hurdles, it will make your success feel so much more vindicating.

The book shows a side to Black youth not seen enough, as we hear from them what drives their behaviour and beliefs. Family and support services will get an insight into struggles some may deal with.

Full Circle: The Road to Redemption raises and explores some of the big social issues that are the realities of Black communities, the topics that many Black families are struggling to deal with – from mental health, racism and police harassment to financial struggles and developing relationships. There is also a strong hope that readers will find both solace and ideas for dealing with these things. The book could be described as a cautionary tale for people of all ages.

The author, Shawn Cole, hopes the book will get more Black youths reading, and from its pages learn more about things that could benefit their future such as investing money. Black young people have found success through music and used it as a way of expressing their creativity, now Cole hopes that some will also find writing as an outlet for this too.

Hope you enjoy this expert of my book Full Circle: The Road to Redemption:

“I remember this place… I remember it well. From the graffiti ridden walls, to the disgusting sewer-like smell you catch a strong whiff of as the wind blows. How could I forget? This is where it all started.”

Nathan is a poor, intelligent black boy who has been accepted into a prestigious school to try and better his future. He finds an unlikely friendship with Jack. A rich, intelligent white boy going to the same school. Nathan wants to better his life for him and his parents but is overwhelmed with obstacles due to poverty. Nathan finds himself having to make choices no young kid should even have to contemplate due to his financial struggles. But will these decisions lead to grave consequences? His hopes and dreams are on the line, but what will he do? The decision is his alone to make.

Follow Nathan on his journey of friendship, love, peace and war to see the decisions he makes which shape his whole future. For better or for worse.

Book Release Date: 26th October 2020. However, the book will be up for pre-order by the time the magazine is released.