Tyler Perry Takes on the True Story of the 6888th Battalion

Kerry Washington to Star in the Inspiring Story of World War II’s Only Women’s Army Corps Unit of Colour

Laura Radford/Perry Well Films 2/Netflix

Almost a full century after the end of World War II, new stories about the quiet heroism of everyday individuals continue to come to light. Tyler Perry is now delving into this historical period with his new film, The Six Triple Eight. This film, telling the story of the war’s only Women’s Army Corps unit of colour, is both written and directed by Perry. It marks his fifth project for Netflix and stars the renowned Kerry Washington.


The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion contributed to the war effort in a unique and essential way: by sorting through a three-year backlog of undelivered mail and ensuring it reached American soldiers far from home. Despite facing discrimination and navigating a vast, unfamiliar country divided by global conflict, these 855 women brought hope and connection to the front lines. They adopted the motto “No mail, low morale” and stayed true to their promise, delivering 17 million pieces of mail and boosting morale when the United States needed it most.

In recent years, the story of the 6888th Battalion has begun to receive the recognition it deserves. President Joe Biden presented the unit with the Congressional Medal of Honour in 2022, and Perry’s script is based on a 2019 article by Kevin M. Hymel published in WWII History Magazine. Read on for a full briefing on the film.

What is The Six Triple Eight About?

The Six Triple Eight tells the inspiring true story of the first and only Women’s Army Corps unit of colour to be stationed overseas during World War II. These incredible and brave women faced and overcame significant challenges, bringing hope and morale to countless soldiers far from home.

At a recent event at the Tribeca Film Festival, star and executive producer Kerry Washington sat down with The Six Triple Eight producer Nicole Avant for a discussion on Legacy and Impact in Storytelling. Avant emphasised the universal appeal of the film’s characters: “Every single person, Black, white, anywhere in between, male, female, anybody can see themselves in those characters. Because all stories, to me, are human stories. Everything to me is about humanity.”

Washington echoed these sentiments, sharing how the humanity of the 6888th Battalion women shone through in unpredictable ways during the production. “I felt like these women were with us in this process,” she said. “You felt their spirit all the time.”

Historical Moments on Set

The significance of the project was often highlighted by unexpected moments on set. For instance, one local resident, upon learning about the film’s focus, made a remarkable contribution. Washington recalled, “He pulled out a trunk and opened it up. And it was my character Charity Adams’ actual trunk. It had her uniforms, seeds from her victory garden, letters, and pictures. It was unbelievable.”

The Six Triple Eight promises to be a moving tribute to the extraordinary women of the 6888th Battalion, shedding light on their vital role in history and ensuring their legacy endures. The film will be available for streaming on Netflix in 2024.