Blacticulate Interview

Blacticulate is a new podcast which focuses on the children of migrants and their identity, hoping to reshape what many have defined ‘blackness’ to be. I spoke to it’s host Ade ahead of the first episode.

So tell us about yourself, Ade.
Well I am a Digital Marketer that has done a lot of things like Video Production, but now I specialise in content.
I’ve come from a Pan-African media company called IC Publications who work in hundreds of countries across Africa, Europe and the US and I have worked with them for over two years.

It says on your website that you have done things like Fashion in the past and now you are in Marketing, why take up Podcasting now?
It’s funny actually. Have you ever taken a test to find out which way is the best way you learn? Well I am a Auditory learner so I’ve been listening to podcasts for five years now, particularly ones on lifestyle and how to challenge conventional stereotypes to hopefully help you live a different lifestyle. It means that people like Ted Ferriss is my inspiration and I wanted to make a podcast like him.

Now Podcasting has taken a number of formats covering a variety of topics over the years. What will yours be about?
Blacticulate will hopefully be very similar to Tim Ferriss’ style of Podcasting where I get our everyday, African and Caribbean diaspora heroes. The reason being is that we always hear about the struggles of our forefathers, but for us second and third generation millennials we want someone who we can relate to, understand their upbringing and understand how they are thinking.

So the people who I aim to interview have not made it yet, but they are making it. I want to share their stories on how are doing it and what challenges they are facing so more people from the African and Caribbean diaspora are successful.
The podcast will be about breaking stereotypes that many have from a Eurocentric viewpoint on what ‘Blackness’ is and hopefully how someone can better their current situation, whatever it may be.

Your style of Podcasting seems to rely on people telling their stories. What kind of stories are you hoping to hear on your show?
The stories I’m looking for will reach out into all diciplines. I’m looking for people who might be a Binman or who could be a Lawyer. At the moment the media has put us into a stereotypical pigeonhole of Entertainment and Sports and I hope to show more stories for us to aspire to be. We don’t know what the Binman is planning to do and we do not know what the Lawyer has gone through.


Where can we find your Podcast and what is it’s name?
You can find the Podcast on itunes, my website ( and on Soundcloud. As for the name it is Blacticulate. It is an amalgamation of three words; Black, Action and Articulate.

You can listen to Ade’s Podcast here