BHM 365: Black History Month For February

With America carving out February for Black History Month celebrations, how will we; BHM 365 honour this time of year? Our Editor, Omar Alleyne-Lawler explains.

Whilst we as a nation do not celebrate Black History Month in February, across the Atlantic, it is a month dedicated to celebrating the life, history and achievements of Black people who changed society in America.

So for the first time in our history, BHM 365 will be covering American Black History Month, though not in the way you may be expecting.

Whilst hundreds of organisations around the world will honour the usual Black History Month suspects such as Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Mary Seacole et al,  we will be honouring those figures from History who may have been forgotten, or may just not be as well known.

This means, that for the next twenty-eight days; BHM 365 will bring to the foreground those who changed Black history in the Americas. From the Cape Colombia to Aguila Islet, we will bring to you twenty-eight of the lesser known Black figures from the History of the Americas.


Happy American Black History Month.