BLAM UK’s Highly Anticipated Book Launch: “Global Black Narratives for the Classroom: (Vol 1 & 2)”

BLAM UK are pleased to announce the Release of the groundbreaking Books: "Global Black Narratives for the Classroom: "Black Britain & Europe (Vol 1)" and "Africa, The Americas and The Caribbean (Vol 2)"

BLAM UK is thrilled to unveil its two-volume set of books designed to transform the way Black history and narratives are incorporated into the classroom. “Global Black Narratives for the Classroom” includes “Vol 1: Africa, The Americas and The Caribbean” and “Vol 2: Black Britain & Europe.”


Release Date: 11th December 2023

These books offer practical lesson plans, interactive worksheets, and engaging activities specifically crafted for primary school teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that Black history and narratives are centred and included all year-round, across a range of subjects.

Published by Routledge, the book includes a series of interesting, unique and global Black history narratives. From the exploration of Black culture and life in Great Britain to uncovering hidden cultural artifacts of Afro-Latinas and Afro-Colombians, as well as unearthing the art and geophysical nature in Africa and the Caribbean. Exploring Black languages and music in the Americas, this book is truly global!

The BLAM UK team has designed the content to align with the UK’s national curriculum, making it easy for teachers to integrate Black narratives into subjects like art, literature, languages, drama, music, history, geography, and poetry.

“Why did we create this book?” BLAM UK has been working closely with primary and secondary schools in London for over five years, delivering educational programs on African, African-Caribbean, and Black British culture, history, and heritage. The organisation provides teacher training on Anti-Racism and through this work, it was discovered that many teachers desired the curriculum to embrace more Black narratives but lacked the necessary tools and resources. To bridge this gap, BLAM UK created this workbook to support educators with a more inclusive curriculum. We are excited about the transformative impact this book will have on education.

“A fantastic, informative and eclectic collection of Global Black Narratives which will enrich the minds and cultural experiences of students and teachers alike. Extremely well researched with engaging resources from teaching, historical and lived experience experts. A must have for schools who are serious about teaching and affirming the heritage and history of all their students and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.” —Patricia Lamour MBE, Aspire Education Group

The official book launch event is scheduled for Monday 11th December! Get ready for an unforgettable night of celebration and empowerment. Our book launch event is going to be a great moment in Global Black History! We have an amazing lineup of multi-talented panellists who are ready to inspire and engage you.

But that’s not all – prepare to be entertained by fun games, good music, and the chance to connect with likeminded people who are passionate about the importance of Black history in education. Test your general Black history and win incredible prizes in our competitive exciting quizzes. This isn’t just a book launch; it’s a night of laughter, learning, and the kind of fun that you won’t want to miss. You can RSVP here!

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About BLAM UK:

BLAM UK is an award-winning educational, advocacy and mental health not-for-profit.  We work to champion Black British cultural capital and creativity, improve the mental health and wellbeing of peoples of African descent, provide a comprehensive and decolonised education system, and support social inclusion of the Black British community.