A poem for Black History Month

Solid Lines by Ayesha Williams

Why are the youth of today intent on taking lives?
Such scars left behind, both inside and out,
The acid, the guns, the knives.

What makes them think that they can take what belongs to me?
My essence, my spirit and what could have been?
For the credit, the clout, the ‘P’

I get it, it’s family, belonging and fear,
You’ve been alone and it’s tough in the cold.
But if your parents, grandparents, the Windrush’d could see
The pain would bring them to tears.

Spare a thought for the woman who birthed you,
Who struggled and toiled through the night,
Fought injustice- socio-economical
To give you her all as you grew.

I’m not here to preach but to listen
Because I fear for the youth of today.
I fear for the choices you’re making
And the dangerous paths that you take.

Do you think of your victims as people?
The loved ones that get left behind?
Did you know he was prepping for GCSEs
As he lives now under that steeple?

Think of the choices you’re making.
Think hard, can’t you see all pain?
The devastation, the heartache, the never ending grief
The defeat that greets upon waking.

Now’s the time to see who you are,
To re-evaluate all that you’re made of.
You were a person with dreams and, before it’s too late,
I pray you return from afar.

A languages teacher born and bred in London, Ayesha has written a number of poems exploring human emotions and interactions. As an avid traveller she has been lucky enough to experience cultural diversity and interchanges in places as far flung as Japan and Hawaii. Through her work she aims to inspire discussion and raise awareness of the highs and lows of our existence by addressing hard hitting topics with a fresh outlook.’