Cleopatra Needle Community Event Kwaku BBM BlackIceTV7 Interview With Mr Riggs

Kwaku BBM highlights some of the things he does across the African community and black music sectors at a London PowerMove.

A PowerMove* was called by Nu-Beginning for July 16 2017 in order to photo document the coming together of African individuals and community organisations by ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’ – the ancient Egyptian monument by London’s Embankment.

BlackIceTV7 were on hand, with Mr Riggs interviewing a number of the people who turned up. This video, which focuses on the interview with music industry and history consultant Kwaku ( Music Congress, BTWSC/African Histories Revisited), is culled from the second part of the videos of the event posted at:

For more details of Kwaku’s activities, visit for music, and for African history and community events.

* One of the methods used to help implement economic growth is through an initiative called PowerMove – a collective of leading organisations, businesses and individuals within the community sharing a power move moment by participating in a major photo shoot at a historical location. The photo shoot will not only celebrate the achievements and influence that each entity has had within the community, but will also serve as a promotional spread for future collaborative or individual projects.

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