Ibanla Movie Premiere

Saturday 1 January 2022

IBANLA MOVIE PREMIERE – is a Movie Premiere coming up in 1, January 2022 and the premiere event entry was fully booked and paid for, every African Film lover’s should endeavour to be at the premiere which has other highlights like Introduction of an African Award to reward excellence and hard working, more so, to introduce the upcoming Empire Event Ticket platform being worked on to be unveiled much later in the year for event s around the world at a one-time flat rate and rewarding services never seen on any platform yet.


IBANLA Movie Premiere is another way to cutdown full fledged premiere and it is going to be an African Epic movie featuring the best of African acts and showcases African rich cultural heritage to be premiered for the first time outside the shores of Africa, to be held in London, United Kingdom at the Ripple Centre, Ripple Road, London.