Dr Onyeka Nubia – Understanding England’s Past

Sunday 12th November

The sound bite of ‘political correctness gone mad’ hides the narrative that there is history ‘out there.’


And it is impossible to tell England’s story, without including multiple voices! History is not his-story, the elite musings of few very powerful-rich,landed gentry who were born in Europe. England’s history is the histories of everyone who has lived or been connected to these islands.

One does not have to choose between Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, Samuel Coleridge Taylor and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. They are all part of this island’s story.

Dr Onyeka Nubia is a pioneering and internationally recognised historian, writer and presenter. His books include England’s Other Countrymen: Black Tudor Society and Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England: Their Presence Status and Origins.

He is the leading historian on the status and origins of Africans in pre-colonial England from antiquity to 1603.

He has helped us to an entirely new perspective on otherness, colonialism, imperialism and the Black British