Next Up: Ayrtn, Smith Blaxk, JohnnieDarko & Guests

Wednesday 3 November 2021

After so long out the game we came back in September and sold out the Exchange like we never left. If you were there you know what to expect on November 3rd, if you weren’t then… anyone who’s come to our evening shows know’s what goes down.

Tickets are live from £6, you ain’t ever seeing some of these artists for this price again.

Stay locked @ for all things related. We HIGHLY recommend doing this.


Special A. One of our personal favourite UK artist’s and has been that way ever since we first heard him in 2018. Some say he’s the king of the underground. Wrong, he’s the king. There is nothing he can’t do with a laptop or a mic. The proof is in ‘Skit Uno.’ ‘Ghost,’ his most recent album came out in late 2020 and has been on repeat since. Timeless music. If you haven’t go and take in ALL of A’s projects, elite. ‘Flight07’ ‘Crack’ and maybe Ayrtn’s favourite ‘Saura Palace’ are genuinely all top tier projects. ‘Black Cat’ is up there with our favourites just due to seeing it shelled down live for us in 2019. Special mention for the last verse on ‘Special A’ too.

Smith Blaxk:

Devilish. Honestly we’re getting gassed writing this, the chance to see Smith and Ayrtn together is gonna be legendary. Like a fancy restaurant with a small menu. Blaxk has a small catalogue but EVERY track slaps. The video for 2019’s ‘Feeling’ literally just came out and of course the visuals are as slick as the tune. Good artists stand the test of time and without personally releasing anything since 2020 he’s still bumped every week. Get ‘Ya Dead’ on in the shower you’ll have a good day. Him being the only feature on Ashbeck and Billz’s acclaimed ‘Organic Works’ displays his respect. Just check him out if you don’t already know honestly.


Number 9! Just down the road from BS1 in Gloucester & one of more than a few starting to shine thru in the South West. ‘The Dark Knight Album’ was the first time we heard Johnnie. COLD. The first two opening tracks ‘Lil’ Fish Freestyle’ and ‘LooneyTunez’ are too rude. Darko has a serious voice. Honourable mention to ‘Cognac Confidence’ too. HeatR. This ain’t no angry rap.