Hidden In Plain Sight: A (re)introduction to Tee Max

Friday 1th September

A one-on-one discussion with photographer and documentarian Tee Max hosted by curator and artist Lauryn Lawrence


A photographer often starts out hiding behind their camera putting them in the prime position of capturing and revealing moments that would otherwise go unseen. In this exclusive event, curator Lauryn Lawrence takes on the photographer’s mantel unveiling one of the 90s most foremost documentarians of Black music and culture, Tee Max.

In this intimate one-on-one discussion with the photographer, Lauryn will discuss his career, creative practice and The Ascension Years, Tee’s latest photographic exhibition at Black Cultural Archives.

The display of largely unseen images of some of Hip-Hop and R’n’B’s biggest stars comes as the genre celebrates its 50th birthday in August. You’ll hear the stories behind the exhibition’s iconic photographs and discover the man behind the lens.

Whether you’re a lover of music, photography, Black British history or good conversation, Hidden In Plain Sight gives you the chance to experience The Ascension Years from a different perspective.

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