The Meaning of Economic Repairs for African Reparations

Monday 1th August

University of Repair’ s next masterclass is addressing the methods to use in creating economic repairs for African reparations.


August 1st, is celebrated as Emancipation Day, a historically complicated date as Emancipation Day although decreed in 1834 by British parliament, was not actually put into fair practice until years later in 1838. This was a strategic arrested development process to put the Africans on the plantation at a severe economic dis advantage. As such, the day for many African Diaspora communities who are the descendants of those who were violently stolen from their homeland and sold into slavery, is recognised not so much for the freedom aspect, as popularly taught but more so for the legal symbolism it represents, which was that the act of slavery is a crime and was legally being abolished!

And so to tie in with the global African diaspora celebrations of this day and what it represents 188yrs later, today , we have curated a universally important masterclass to address how Black Communities can do for self in times of arrested development and economic unrest.

What the Masterclass is teaching:

The Masterclass is led by Reparations expert, Juriconsult , Chair of Stop The Maagnamizi Campaign Esther Stanford Xosei who will be presenting a profound tool kit for Black communities to build on.

New Beacon Bookshop and RepairNations will be available for those of you who wish to purchase learning resources attached to the themes of the masterclass.

Spaces are limited …get your ticket early!

IMPORTANT TICKET NOTICE:To address the issue of free tickets being taken and no show at Sold Out events, we will now suggest a donation of £3 for entry and give priority tickets to those who donate, as a strategy to ensure that those who really need and want to attend this event do not get left out. The event is a pay what you can, so do not let the donation request deter you, if you are keen to come and uplift and learn for yourself and community.

Additional Offerings on the day

Catering : All Nations Vegan House & Cumming Up Caribbean Food Restaurant

Check out the Ubuntu / Solidarity modelled Black Businesses that we are supporting via BCA’s online shop .

BCA will also be giving a tour of the Museum for participants, students and activists on the day to learn and enjoy.