Black Success: Ex-Sabbatical Officers Panel Discussion

Thursday 21 October 2021

This Black History Month, Kent Union welcomes back three Ex-Officers to discuss being black and successful post University


Omolade, Sasha and Aaron are three Ex-union officers who have worked in several different campaigns and worked hard to improve the student experience at Kent. This Black History Month, we welcome back the three Ex-Officers to discuss being black and successful, overcoming challenges, encouraging students to taking up roles in the Union and debunking stereotypes. The panel discussion will last an hour and will take place on teams with a chance to answer any questions at the end.

Sasha Langeveldt, 24: Has appeared as a panellist on numerous discussions this year including the Y7 #Atthetable, Brexit, black representation in democracy and voting, race, green jobs, social media and young engagement. She is an environmentalist, humanitarian and activist. Formerly known as the first black woman to be elected as Students’ Union President 2019/2020 of Kent Union. She graduated from Kent University in 2018 with a Philosophy BA and is currently working part time at Friends of the Earth as a campaign assistant.


Requires access to Microsoft Teams. A link to the event will be sent out to all registered attendees.