An Evening with Clive Myrie – Everything is Everything

Tuesday 19th September

BBC TV journalist, newsreader and presenter Clive Myrie talks about his life and his new memoir Everything is Everything


Join award winning BBC TV journalist, newsreader and presenter Clive Myrie as he talks about his life and his new memoir Everything is Everything.

As a Bolton teenager with a paper round, Clive Myrie read all the newspapers he delivered from cover to cover and dreamed of becoming a journalist. In this deeply personal memoir, he tells how his family history has influenced his view of the world, introducing us to his Windrush generation parents, a great grandfather who helped build the Panama Canal, and a great uncle who fought in the First World War, later to become a prominent police detective in Jamaica.

He reflects on how being black has affected his perspective on issues he’s encountered in thirty years reporting some of the biggest stories of our time (most recently from Ukraine), showing us how those experiences gave him a better idea of what it means to be an outsider. He tells of his pride in his roots, but his determination not to be defined by his background in dealing with the challenges of race and class to succeed at the highest level.

Moving, engaging, revealing, Everything is Everything is a story of love and hate – but also hope. Melding the professional with the personal it is a fascinating account from someone determined to succeed on his own terms.

Clive Myrie has covered major global events for thirty years and has reported from more than ninety countries – most recently in Ukraine, and previously in Iraq, America, Afghanistan, South Africa, among others. He is a two-time BAFTA nominee and two-time Emmy nominee. From reading BBC’s “News at 10” to hosting “Mastermind”, to fronting his own primetime series “Clive Myries Italian Road Trip”, he is one of nation’s most prominent and versatile presenters.