25th September

This event aims to encourage Black businesses to foster deeper face to face relationships as well as get business advice from a team of experts on how to grow their businesses.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to attend themed workshops on ‘Selling to Large Retail Outlets’ and ‘Instragram Marketing for Business Growth’. In recent years, there has been a big shift amongst large retailers towards buying from small enterprises, in the belief that entrepreneurs bring innovation and freshness to their shelves. BME businesses can come and learn about branding, pricing, intellectual property etc. and what they need to do to get a share of this very lucrative market.”

Unique to the event will be the African Barter table, where businesses exchanged services without money changing hands, a revival of the African method of business.  Other activities at the event include the highly popular speed networking sessions and business presentation pitches.

There will also be exhibitors selling a range of products from African arts and crafts, books, business services, luxury chocolates, personal finance and more.

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