Putting Your Values into Practice Creative Careers

25 Apr, 18:30

An interactive session that will help you bring your values into your creative and working practise with speakers who’ve been there and done it

It feels good to find purpose in anything you do, but it’s an important evolution when your values begin to shine through in your work. But that’s easier said than done. How can you thread that purpose into your working practise, and make sure that what comes out the other side is true to you?

We’re pleased to announce an interactive session, which will support you to make your own strategic plan that brings your work and your practise in line with your values.

This session is relevant for those that need to develop and maintain a more purposeful approach to work, as well as for those trying to navigate their ethics whilst making a living. Socially responsible artists; budding arts activists; curious creatives – all are welcome for this session.

Speaker info to follow.

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