Pink Lemonade

Friday 1 March 2019

Pink Lemonade is a multi-disciplinary solo show exploring masculinity and lesbianism in black women, partly inspired by the rebellious butches of the early 20th Century and beyond.

Fusing spoken word, sound and movement, the work examines how from childhood through to our intimate relationships as adults, social, racial and cultural stigmas can impact the way communities view themselves and others.

Pink Lemonade aims to deconstruct micro-aggressions within the framework of intersectionality and seeks to transform the discourse around the fetishism of black and brown bodies.

Developed with support from Talawa, Derby Theatre, In Good Company, Tamasha, Camden People’s Theatre and Arts Council England.

Accessible Performances

Captioned by Difference Engine: Friday 1 March, 8:00pm

Running time:
55 min (approx.)