D-Block Europe

2 December 2021

D Block Europe

D-Block Europe, compromising of Young Adz and Dirtbike LB, have steadily positioned themselves as pioneers of a whole new wave of rap, better known for its distinct style, unfiltered lyrics and dynamic flow.

Their 2019 debut mixtape ‘Home Alone’ peaked at #6 in the UK Official Charts, with ‘PTSD’ following shortly after achieving a #4 spot. This led to two shows at Alexandra Palace in November which sold out in just four hours. Shortly after came the release of their third mixtape of 2019 ‘Street Trauma’ which debuted at #9, giving D Block Europe the title as the only UK artist(s) to have three top ten mixtapes in one year.

The start of 2020 also saw D Block Europe receive a BRIT Award nomination for Best British Group.