2022 Black History Month | Black Hair Stories by CURLYTREATS Festival

Saturday 15th October

To honour Black History Month, join us as we celebrate Black hair & the evolution of our cultural hairstyles from the Motherland to the U.K.


Many exciting things are happening behind the scenes at CURLYTREATS HQ, including planning our next festival, happening on Saturday, October 15. Tickets will be available this Friday, April 1, at noon BST.


During Black History Month, we will explore the history of Black hair and our cultural hairstyles from the Motherland and the evolution of Black hair through the decades in the U.K – from the Windrush Era until today!

We believe in the Sankofa way of life, which encourages us to learn and take from the past to create a better future. The history of Black hair in British society is full of discrimination against our natural hair textures and hairstyles in schools and workplaces. Yet, whilst we champion living in a more inclusive society, we embrace the joy of what it means to have afro hair and diverse hairstyles – the reason why CURLYTREATS has existed since 2013.

On Saturday, October 15, this one-day festival is returning to Novotel London West. Where we will empower, embrace and elevate elements of Black Culture in the U.K and celebrate Black Hair through a series of exciting instagrammable installations, engaging conversations, educational workshops and more!

Tickets will be available this Friday, April 1, at noon BST.