Black British Book Fair: Curlytreats Fest | Black History Month Uk 2023

Saturday 7 October

Welcome to the Black British Book Fair, a celebration of the rich literary heritage and diverse voices within the Black British community.


This unique event shines a spotlight on the works of independent Black British authors who have been shaping and reshaping the literary landscape with their powerful narratives and thought-provoking storytelling. Limited tickets available, grab yours today!

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What to expect

Championing Black British Authors.

Join us in this celebration of literature, culture, and unity as we uplift and support writers who are part of the Black British literary movement. Let the words in their books ignite conversations, foster understanding, and pave the way for a more inclusive literary world. Visit the Black British Book Fair.

Author Panels and Discussions.

Black British authors will come together for insightful panels and discussions on various literary topics. From exploring the importance of representation in literature to sharing personal journeys as writers, these sessions will provide a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into the minds of these talented authors.

The Free Book Fair Marketplace.

Supporting emerging writers is an essential aspect of The Black British Book Fair Marketplace. For these budding talents, gaining recognition and exposure can be a significant challenge. The fair serves as a valuable platform where these writers can showcase their works to a broader audience and connect with readers and fellow authors alike.

What’s On

Hidden Black British Stories: We Build This BritainToo

Delve into preserving and sharing Black British history via literature. Authors and historians discuss researching and writing about hidden landmarks in London & the UK, changing narratives, empowering collective heritage spanning before, during, and after the Windrush era.

Voices Unheard: Amplifying our Stories

This session will focus on the importance of promoting and elevating the narratives of Black British authors. Panellists will share the inspiration behind their stories, and the challenges faced in bringing their work to life.

Identity Explored: Intersectionality in Black British Narratives

Explore the intersectionality of identity within Black British literature. Join authors in discussion about how their characters navigate race, gender, sexuality, and cultural heritage, and how these intersections enrich the narratives they craft.

The Business of Writing: Navigating the Publishing Industry

Description: This session will offer practical insights into the publishing world for Black British authors. Industry experts will provide tips on manuscript submission, contract negotiation, marketing, and building an author platform.

Writing for Change: Using Literature as a Tool for Social Justice

Join us for a session that uncovers how Black British authors drive social change. Discover how their writing courageously tackles racism, inequality, and social justice, and learn how literature can shape and steer public discussions. Be part of this conversation.

Well-being Through Words: Using Literature for Self-Care

Learn from authors who incorporate self-care themes in their stories. Discover how literature can serve as a guiding light, inspiring readers to not only prioritise their mental and emotional well-being but also take practical steps towards a healthier and more balanced life.