Religion or Spirituality – which came first?

Fri, 21 Feb 2020, 19:00 – Fri, 24 Apr 2020, 21:00

Robin Walker ‘The Black History Man’ the leading Black Studies educator of the last twenty-five years will be leading this course.

About this Event

Robin Walker ‘The Black History Man’ is the leading Black Studies educator of the last twenty-five years. He has educated thousands of adults through his Personal Development, Black History, and African Studies programmes. He is the author of the classic When We Ruled and the best sellers: The Rise and Fall of Black Wall $treet and Black British History: Black Influences on British Culture 1948 to 2016. He appeared in the documentaries: The African History of Sport, Ancestral Voices 2, and Hidden Colors 4.

This course will commence on Friday 21 February 2020 from 7pm- 9pm and will run for 10 weeks (24 April)


Should Black people continue to follow Christianity, Judaism or Islam?
Were these religions brought to us by conquerors and slave traders?
What were the original religious and spiritual traditions of Africans?
Should we reject all religions?
How did religious and spiritual systems evolve in the first place?
What are the historical facts that we can verify?
This course is brought to you by Avril’s Walks and Talks and The Black History Man and is aimed at adults who are keen to move themselves and the community forward. This empowering course will delve into content rarely ever discussed.
What did the ancient people of Egypt and Kush contribute to the birth of religion?
What is the relevance of the Book of the Dead?
What did Africa contribute to the evolution of the later religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc?
Why is all this relevant today?
All the data is taught from a Black or African perspective.
This data is an important part of Personal Development. It represents crucial knowledge that adults in the community should know if they want to be effective parents to their children.


People on a journey of religious and spiritual self-discovery but do not know where to start.
Beginners interested in learning more about Black History and Heritage.
Adults interested in personal development.
Activists interested in our rich community heritage.
Teachers interested in deepening their knowledge of Black studies.
Anyone who wants to advance themselves and advance the community.


Full 10 week course @ £200
Pay per class @ £30 per class
Tickets MUST be purchased in advance. No refunds.
Call 07984 759506 for further information