Black Histories: Celebrating community-led education and arts

Tue 23 October 2018 18:30 – 21:00

Come join us as we honour Black Histories by celebrating the role of community, intergenerational knowledge and arts as critical pedagogy.

What and how we learn about history affects us in tangible ways. Community-led initiatives and intergenerational ties are often central to challenging the erasure and reduction of Black histories – of wholeness, multiplicities and nuances, of resistances, and of celebration.

Learning history is not limited to a classroom, textbook, or museum. Black community-led initiatives that centre intergenerational knowledge are challenging notions of authority and power around history narrating. Community focused artistic approaches not only explore what we are learning but how, through what relationships, conversations, and practices.

This is a community focused event creating space to celebrate! There will be guest speakers, performances and food. We especially welcome young people, elders, families, educators and local residents.

Our guests
AKEIM TOUSSAINT BUCK is a multifaceted performing artist, born in Jamaica and raised in England. He seeks to create moving, thought provoking, accessible, organised and free spirited projects. Since graduating from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance with a first-class honours Bachelor degree in Performing Arts, Akeim has been involved in multiple cross disciplinary programmes with a wide range of artists and communities from around the world. His focus as a maker and collaborator is to combine expressive skills such as dance, writing, film, poetry, beat-box, singing and acting to create performances that tell stories to bring together diverse audiences.

KINSI ABDULLEH is a visual artist, editor, producer and educator. She is the founder of NUMBI Arts and editor of literary arts magazine SCARF. Her work as an artist both visual and performative focuses on social justice and women’s voices.

Numbi Arts is about celebrating the global and local voices: ‘We’re about art, we’re about beauty and we’re about fostering a sense of community and solidarity amongst artists, art-lovers, creatives and dreamers of all stripes’.

MUNEERA PILGRIM is a Bristol-born, London based, international Poet, Writer and Cultural Producer, and one half of the Muslim female duo Poetic Pilgrimage. Within her group, she facilitates workshops and has performed around the world winning hearts one mic at a time.
As a solo artist and creative soul, Muneera conducts expressive based, purpose-driven workshops in women’s groups, community groups, schools, universities, campfires, and wherever humankind commune. She shares art, guest lectures, host and finds alternative ways to educate and exchange ideas. She is a writer for BBC Radio 2 Pause for Thought, the current artist in residents with The English Touring Theatre and, has also contributed to Amaliah, Huffington Post, The Independent, Al Jazeera Blog, Black Ballard and various other digital and print platforms.
Please email to specify any further accessibility needs (especially regarding communication, information, physical access).
Please contact us if you have any dietary requirements.