Talking Copyright: Exploring UNESCO ‘Protection’ Of Reggae

Wednesday June 26 2019, 6-9pm

For British Black Music Month (BBMM) 2019, and as a precursor to International Reggae Day UK on June 30 (Goldsmith’s) and July 1 (Brent), we take yet another departure from the usual Talking Copyright (TC) format – this year’s TC will incorporate presentations, with a British reggae playlist opening and a DJ set closing the set.

Following on from the ‘One Love’ celebrations last November of reggae music being added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List, this seminar explores what the much trumpeted ‘protection’ means from a legal perspective. What does it mean in relation to copyright specifically, and generally within the broader IP (Intellectual Property) framework?

Presenters: Kwaku (LLM Entertainment Law), Dr Enrico Bonadio (City University Of London Law School), Dr Marcus Goffe (via video, Jamaican Intellectual Property Office).

Organised by Music Congress in association with City University Law School.

Talking Copyright: UNESCO Reggae ‘Protection’

This is a special opportunity to really interrogate what the honour given reggae means from and legal and cultural perspective, to what extent does it provide ‘protection’, and the potential ways it which it can be used to benefit reggae and Jamaica.

The evening will start with a British reggae playlist selected by Kwaku BMM and end with a short set by DJ Enrico Bonadio.

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