Uncomfortable Conversations Series: Unconscious Bias Within the Youth Justi…

Fri 21 September 2018 09:30 – 16:00

Uncomfortable Conversations Series: Unconscious Bias Within the Youth Justice System – LONDON
This training course is targeted towards youth justice practitioners and aims to enhance awareness of unconscious bias with the context of the racial disproportionality and overrepresentation of young BAME people within the youth justice system. The training is intended to increase understanding of this complex issue and explore strategies and techniques to reduce the potential for UB to adversely impact upon practice. This course is for YOS case workers, probation staff, youth workers and the wider workforce who work directly with young BAME offenders.

To identify the definition of unconscious bias (UB)
Develop a clear understanding of the science and behaviour of UB
Explore the ‘Organisational Unconscious’ across various institutions
Examine evidence-based research for UB within the Criminal Justice System
Support practitioners to identify their own UB and associated triggers and drivers
Increase awareness of how to avoid UB in everyday practice
Develop strategies and practical steps towards better and bias-free decision-making processes

Have a better understanding of the science behind unconscious bias
Enhanced knowledge of research and evidence base for UB across social institutions
Increased awareness of how UB within the CJS can impact upon disproportionality and overrepresentation
Useful techniques and strategies for identifying personal bias and avoiding suboptimal reasoning
Strengthened approaches to improve decision making processes whilst reducing likelihood of UB
Better understanding of how to eliminate discrimination based on UB and inequality
Develop a greater sense of self-awareness and mindfulness in working with BAME young people within the YJS

London – Thur 5 Apr; Tues 8 May; Fri 21 Sept 2018
Manchester – Thur 31 May; Mon 16 Oct 2018
Birmingham – Tue 26 Jun; Thurs 8 Nov 2018