House of Absolute in Residence – Free event

Monday 10th Apr 2017 - Thursday 13th Apr 2017 at 12pm

Express yourself through dance and music with House of Absolute, the female powerhouse in residence at The Clore Ballroom.

House of Absolute bring highly talented creative artists specialising in dance, ranging from waacking to contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, house, locking, hustle and popping.

Join them on the ballroom floor as they share their process, styles of movement and devise techniques through open rehearsals and workshops.

Thursday 13 April at 3pm – 4pm

Waacking class

What does it mean to ‘waack’ to ‘pose’, ‘punk’ or ‘Garbot’? Learn the foundation steps and techniques of Waacking. This workshop focuses on developing freestyle skills with emphasis on self-expression and creativity. Come along, have fun, let loose and share our love for dance.

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