Annual Windrush Day Lecture Black Female Academics’ Health And Psychological Markers: The Impact Of Serenity With Professor Lisa-Dionne Morris

Saturday 22 June

The lecture titled Black Female Academics’ Health and Psychological Markers: The Impact of Serenity aims to delve into the necessity, effects, and influence of a state of tranquillity, calmness, or peacefulness, commonly known as “serenity of thought”, provided to Black females by other Black females working in academia.


This exploration seeks to better understand the consequences and outcomes arising from the experience of Black females in a non-serene workforce and work environment.

During the lecture, Morris will utilise Data Science and Design Science to explore how a peaceful and serene mindset can positively impact mental health, reduce stress, and enhance the overall emotional well-being of Black females in academia.

This exploration includes understanding how a calm and focused state of mind might contribute to increased productivity and creativity in the work or daily activities of Black females.  Additionally, Morris will examine the potential positive effects of serenity on physical health and discuss how maintaining a sense of tranquillity can influence and improve relationships, fostering better communication and understanding.

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