Free; “Black In South” An Interactive Exhibition

Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th April

Black in South is a visual study of being black in South London. Capturing experiences, memories & current life in an interactive exhibition


This a free event so it can be accesible to as many people as possible but any & all donations welcome!!

Black in South is a visual study of being black in South London (by Tori Taiwo) with the aim of creating a rich and deep visual archive that can be added to over time by anyone and everyone black from or connected to South London in any way. Creating a true narrrarive of the nuances of what it is to be Black In South!

I started with Lewisham borough & with sufficient funding I will be able to complete the Lewisham study & move on the other South London boroughs & complete the study over time.

I will transform the Old Savers store, on Catford High Street, into a gallery/exhibition space. Creating mix media pieces of work, including painting, photography, (featuring other artists work) and crafted pieces to convay stories of being a Black South Londoner (past and present).

All carefully & thoughtfully curated for an interactive exhibition experience. This bring the first of many to come! Live performances is on 9th March only.

This is free. so that it can be to be accessable for as many people as possible. However any & all donations (no matter how small) are encouraged to support further work in other boroughs, completing Lewisham & creating a permanent & protected archive accessible to everyone.

“Black in South Exhibition” is supported by STMNT Peace @stmnt.peace Black Affirmation peaces you can wear – Making a statement without saying a word!

Follow @blackinsouth on Instagram for an opportunity to get involved, see a sneak Peaks in person before anyone else, behinds the scenes & more!

Supported by using public funding from Arts Council England & Hypha Studios. Also part funded buy the European Regional Development Fund and Lewisham Council.