BlackFest 2022 – Rhythms – Riddims Night at the Philharmonic Music Room

Tuesday 27th September

This year BlackFest Riddims Night will be hosted at the Philharmonic Hall. Join us as we bring you Liverpool’s finest and National emerging music artists and DJ SOULFULTIZ to our stages this year including a panel discussion on, ‘Breaking through the Music industry.’ Hosted by Alex from HipHop HQ.




Hailing from the City of Liverpool, P3Lz is a young up and coming female Her versatile flow and unique sound brings something unseen before to the music world.

Over the past year P3Lz has gained a range of notable successes to her name. Including: radio plays on stations including BBC 1xtra, BBC radio Merseyside and Kiss Radio. P3Lz was also featured on BBC 3 Rap Trip ‘underground scenes uncovered’ along with featuring on a range of different ad campaigns for big brands like converse and JD, Nike 110s and sevenstore and sports direct. Most recently in BBC Three’s ‘THE RAP GAME.’


Liverpool native KOJ rebranded in 2020 and has been leading the Liverpool music scene since. He released his debut single ‘Blue Notes’ which was highly popular on UK radio stations, making an exciting feature in Rob Bruce’s “Homegrown” show on Capital Xtra. KOJ released follow-up single ‘Family Tree’ that you can read an article all about on Mixtape Madness. 17 tracks and 2 mixtapes later with Fool the Fox and outstanding grime DJ and producer JakeBob, Koj can be seen around the country performing solo and alongside Hip Hop extraordinaires The Mouse Outfit.

KOJ displays his ability to shine in front of the camera in BBC Three series: Rap Trip, in which he has a key role representing the city. In 2021, KOJ was featured on the front page of the Bido Lito and continues to inspire Liverpool youth, speaking at events such as the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Industry Careers Fest and Grime > Punk at The Tate Liverpool.


SHOA is a singer songwriter from Manchester. An authentic stylistic artist whom finds peace in expressing her inquisitive mind through thought provoking lyrics and enchanting melodies. SHOA released her second Mixtape entitled ‘Act of Resistance’ in 2015, following on from her first Mixtape, ‘Escapism’, both in which show personal transitions from girl to woman.

The LIPA graduate released her 3rd project entitled ‘Soul Food’ in 2017. With radio play from BBC 1xtra, BBC Introducing, Unity Radio, Legacy FM and Kiss Fm; the songstress is embarking on an interesting, diverse and authentic journey for the future. With a style ranging in R&B, soul and hip-hop; performing since age 4 and writing and recording since age nine, SHOA has also gone on to perform as support act for Jagged Edge and 112, Faith Evans and SWV, whilst putting on and performing at several gigs all over the country. The mancunian artist with a Caribbean embedded style, entered 2018 with not one but two E.Ps.

Her solo project entitled “Third Irie” and a joint project “The Expedition” with Manchester Artist Wrigz. Shoa plans to end summer of 2022 with her 5th Solo E.P, with hopes of ending the year as one to watch.


Listener. Storyteller. TEE.

Owning much to a religious up-bringing, where he honed his multi-instrumental talent and ear for arrangement, TEE’s artistic voice has always retained an appreciation for collective harmony and the diversity of the chorus. He’s an artist shaped and defined by emotive exchange, the constant desire to produce music that “hits you”, that teaches, convinces and compels its audience and those involved in its making. In the role of narrator, one which has been continually informed by the range of projects and collaborations he’s worked on over the past five years, TEE looks to break through the lens of observation to offer a unique expression and shared experience entirely of its moment.

“I want to be able to open conversations,” Tee explains of his music. “As a society

we’re better at it. But there’s not enough conversations about real shit.”


SOULFULTIZ is a Host/ DJ at Melodic Distraction and KCC Live and an Amateur pencil artist. His passion and love for music saw him connect with the collective, Soul Inspired Events – the team behind Soul4Soul and Liverpool SoulFest. They’ve also curated stages for Liverpool Pride, Threshold Festival, LIMF and Liverpool Loves to name a few.

For Tony, music is one of those artforms that reminds him of good memories and experiences. He believes music has the power to connect with people of all backgrounds and is on a mission to share his love and passion with as many people as possible.

He believes music has the power to connect with people of all backgrounds and is on a mission to share his love and passion with as many people as possible.

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