African Enslavement: Objective Analysis, Subjective Reflection & Applied Wisdom with Paul Obinna

Wednesday 12 January 2022

African enslavement as a process has been ongoing since the Arab invasion of Kemet in AD641 and the following Transaharan or North African Process of almost 1,400 years. Converted Moors led the invasion of Iberia in AD 711 which created the European Resistance known as the ‘Reconquista’ between AD 722 and AD 1249 in Portugal and AD 1492 in Spain.


After 800 years in AD1441 European enslavement of Africans began, led by the retaliatory drive by the Portuguese for the actions of the Moorish & Turkish Barbary Corsairs who had slaved Europeans from Iceland to Iberia from the establishment of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th Century.

This aspect flies in the face of the generally taught version of History which overlooks the period of White Enslavement by the ‘North African Empire’ and Trade.

This session utilises and applies the Ancient Mental symbolism of the Eyes of Heru in;

1. The Objective Analysis of the Arab, Turkish and European Enslavement Processes
2. The Subjective Reflection of the inflicted Generational Damage on Africans
3. Recommendations guided from the Application of Ancient African Wisdom and Knowledge

This intensive session has the intention of laying “All the cards on the table…”

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