BHM: Windrush Justice

Wednesday 27 October 2021

Join us for a culturally enriching webinar session and hear from various national experts, campaigners and Home Office officials responding to the injustices of the Windrush scandal and the communities it continues to affect.


The Windrush Justice webinar will focus on the significance of the Windrush Generation contribution in rebuilding the United Kingdom post-war, will delve into the miscarraige of justice perpetuated by the British Government regarding the Windrush generation’s right to UK citizenship and the compensation response to right the wrongs of the Windrush Generation and their descendants.

Quote from Clive Foster

”The goverment’s immiagration policy has damaged the dignity of the windrush generation and descendants, creating intergenerational trauma and hardship. Political accountability and justice has been somewhat lacking for many people impacted by the hostile environment, from successive governments. The law should be used as an instrument of justice and not as a tool of oppression, that impacts families and communities. ”

The session will include many eminent figures in the movement, discussing ongoing advances in Windrush Justice and solutions moving forward, to address the miscarage of justice.

The session will feature David Levy, the current Home Office Windrush community and Stakeholder Community Engagement Advisor who has been a focal point for community engagement between the Home Office and community stakeholders. Also appearing is the uncomprimising Bishop Desmond Jaddoo, the Chair of the Windrush National Organisation. Bishop Jaddoo is always passionate, compelling and forthright in calling out the injustices affecting back people and holding those in authority to account. Also appearing is Pastor Clive Foster who is chair of Nottingham Windrush Response Project based at the Pilgrim Church Nottingham. The Nottingham team has been supporting the community to access the Windrush status and compensation schemes.

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