Black History Month 2021|Black Voices in the Legal Sector

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Please join us for a very special Black History Month event with the InterLaw Diversity Forum’s Race & Ethnicity Network entitled “Black Voices in the Legal Sector: Sharing Experiences and Empowering Allies – a year and a half on” .


In Summer 2020, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent events that unfolded across the United States and around the world highlighting the violence, injustice and racism against black people + people of color in our societies, we held an InterLaw Diversity Forum event, “Black Voices in the Legal Sector: Sharing Experiences and Empowering Allies”. At that event in June 2020, the InterLaw Diversity Forum convened a space with over 450 attendees to amplify black voices in the legal sector and explore the impact these events had on our colleagues and our profession.

As we look to observe Black History Month for 2021, we wanted to reconvene our group of senior leaders in this space to create a space to allow black voices in the legal sector to come together to share their ongoing experiences, comment on what has happened since, as well as to provide their guidance on how to be better allies to support them as we continue on this journey towards equality and racial justice.

As a profession and a society, we need to keep up the momentum of our work and continue to channel this moment into positive actions to create sustainable change with concrete outcomes and to do so through an intersectional lens.

Speakers returning from our event will include:

  • Gretchen C. Bellamy, Senior Director – International Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, McDonald’s; Special Advisor to the American Bar Association’s Commission on Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the Profession
  • Charlene Brown, Co-Founder, Howlett Brown
  • Patti Kachidza, Deputy Chair, InterLaw Diversity Forum (Moderator)
  • Sheldon Mills, Executive Director, Financial Conduct Authority and Chair, Stonewall
  • Usha Puri-Dewage, Global Manager of Professional Development, Cooley LLP \
  • Daniel Winterfeldt, Founder & Chair, InterLaw Diversity Forum (Moderator)

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