Black History Month Online Unapologetically Black Yoga For Black Body Joy

Saturday 16 October 2021

My Beautiful Black people of the African diaspora, join us Online for UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK yoga for Black Body Joy + Care


There will be comprehensive, accessible exercises for stress, anxiety, grief and upset. We also address joint mobility, muscle flexibility, physical fitness, organ nutrition, pain relief, heart health, mental soothing, and self love for our Black body/mind.

I encourage you to take up space unapologetically, unlocking breathing patterns and ways of moving to release stress. We connect to our resources in a collective space that reflects our light and vibration.

You don’t have to be flexible, thin, fit, look, or be a certain ‘Black way’, feel political, spiritual, or have done yoga before. All Black body identities and abilities are welcome here.

This yoga is accessible by being non standard. It’s designed to bring the taste of joy and pride to being in our Black skin, whilst not being contained by it. You are always invited to do what feels good for you and to take away or add what feels right. Your wisdom and choice is priority here.

This is a unique expression of racial trauma informed non- linear Yoga that I don’t think you will find anywhere else.

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