Business Panel in Celebration of Black History Month

Tuesday 26 October 2021

The Waltham Forest BIPC is delighted to host a panel of local Black business owners, coming from different perspectives and industries, to share their insights in celebration of Black History Month.


This is a special session with an aim to discuss important issues at hand, bring our community together, and make new connections.

What we’ll cover…

Looking back on the past two years

The past two years have been a period of significant change, requiring founders to adapt to unforeseen challenges in order for their business to survive. We will ask the panel how they have been impacted by events like Brexit, the Black Lives Matter movement, the Covid-19 pandemic, and others, and the ways these changed their lives and ways of working.

Looking ahead to the next two years

After taking time to reflect, we will explore with the panel what they see for the future – what they are excited for, further changes they anticipate, challenges they believe will grow or arise, and how they will plan ahead to minimise risk and capitalise on opportunities.

Meet the panel…

KANR Legal

KANR Legal aspires to be the front runner in the provision of affordable and high-quality legal support to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

When starting the business, founder Alexandra Sodimu-Jones was skilled in the provision of legal services to family, friends and colleagues who were starting out in the world of business. She had a desire to spread the reach of her work to more people, making legal advice and support available to anyone, without the hefty price tag. KANR was born.

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