Embodied Consent Workshop

Friday 14 January 2022

Intro to Embodied Somatic Consent Workshop


Our embodied consent, knowledge, and desire are powerful forces for our personal and collective liberation. Under white supremacy and colonialism, the wisdom of the body is silenced, subjugated, or commodified into quick fixes towards productivity. When we can come into and reclaim our own embodied consent, it not only frees us from oppressive power, but also frees up more energy for liberatory interdependence, relating, and creation. When we know what we do and do not want, and do and do not consent to, we can make choices in service of our own liberation.

These choices can include yes to liberative pleasure, relating, activism, and rest, as well as clear and fierce (and even delightfully forcefully RAGEFUL) NO to oppressive systems, hierarchies, and relationships. These choices can also include the gray space, the maybe, the awareness of our own questions and what we’re not yet sure about, giving us some wisdom about what answers for liberation we may need to live into.

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