From the Ground Up

Tuesday 26 October - Tuesday 23 November 2021

Form your foundations by tackling imposter syndrome & low-self confidence as students, professionals & academics in the built environment.


The statistics of Black, POC, and students from marginalised communities in the built environment show low figures from university level, right through to chartership. The disparity is even more stark at higher grades within every profession.

In university, this feeds a lack of diverse thinking. On an already eurocentric, often whitewashed curriculum and syllabus, we find ourselves in spaces that continue the erasure of our heritage, history, and culture within spatial design. In the workplace, there is a clear lack of representation, only accentuated at the managerial level. Imposter syndrome is prevalent, simultaneous to being the ‘flag-bearers’ and feeling the pressure of representing our respective communities.

The role of design critiques and reviews are an important part of the learning process, during university and professional development.These are often a reflection of what has come before and the environment created; where hostility is written into the fabric. The world around us is constantly changing and our environments and behaviours have adapted to suit. In the face of difference, we should seek to extend empathy and understand each other, instead of berating people who don’t fit the ‘norm’; undermining our self-confidence and exasperating Imposter Syndrome.

This can be compounded for those of us who are Neurodiverse, often finding difficulty in expressing ourselves in spaces modeled around a neurotypical approach, left feeling misunderstood and isolated.

Join the Space Black team as we bring in embodiment practitioner and founder of YSM8, Poonam Dhuffer for a workshop and discussion on how to reframe your negative thinking, recognise your self- worth and overcome imposter syndrome in order for you to step into your power and speak your truth.

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