Sharing Dreams and Struggles Within our Black African Caribbean Community

Sunday 12 December 2021

Welcome to Pursuit of Happiness CIC presenting to you 5 amazing events during October, dedicated to BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2021

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It is December 2021 already, how did that happen?! We are into the final month of the year and what a year it has been for Pursuit of Happiness. We are blessed to have been in the position to do the work we do and we do it all with pleasure for the benefit of our African Caribbean community.

We look forward to this evening with our attendees who join our Online Community Centre every week. With our work behind the scenes on the many panels we have joined, we have been authentic to our culture and of course on a grassroots level. Our African Caribbean community and their well-being is paramount to Pursuit of Happiness.

We will be having a relaxed evening of discussions from wherever you are locally, nationally or even international…we welcome you all to join our safe and friendly space.

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