The African Divine Feminine

Monday 18th April

Join London Drawing Group and Dr Michelle Asantewa as we explore the origins, evolution and legacy of the African Divine Feminine …


The African Divine Femine was everywhere reflected in our ancient civilisations. She was the primordial waters of Nun, she was the sky goddess Nut. The twin goddess Mawu-Lisa (of Dahomey and reflecting the Sun/Moon cosmological pairing). She was not the fabricated ‘super matriarch’ but rather, as Mama Zogbe (Dr Vivian Hunter) tells us: “for 6,000 years, Africa was ruled by a powerful order of Sibyl matriarchs. They produced the world’s first oracles, prophetess and prophets. Known as “Pythoness,” they worked the oracles in the Black Egyptian colonies in ancient Greece, Rome, Turkey, Israel, Syria and Babylon.”

These sybils, later linked to Amazonian (of Greek naming) warriors were defenders of the Great Mother but the development of Patriarchy and its incumbent dominance cast aside the African woman’s sacred role as goddess. HERstory was overshadowed by sister replicas such as Venus, Aphrodite, Artemis which dominant narratives have epitomised and as such pitted against the Divine Sovereignty of African goddesses in mythology.

In this interactive workshop we aim to celebrate the African Divine Feminine. It will feature sensory activities to elevate the imagination, creativity, intuition, nurturing, compassion, love and spirituality. Participants will be invited to embrace this powerful energy to reconnect with ancient systems through which we honoured the Divine Mother, the African Goddess.


  • Pen and notebook
  • Flower or dried leaves/petals
  • dried seeds
  • favourite fruit (of your choice)
  • Favourite scent (perfume)
  • Cloth (colourful – could be small or large but colourful)

About our Lecturer:

Dr Michelle Asantewa is a writer, editor and independent scholar and facilitates a variety of academic, creative, spiritual and cultural workshops. She is the founder of Way Wive Wordz Publishing, Editing and Tuition Services, through which she has published novels Elijah, Something Buried in the Yard, The Awakening collection of poems, Guyanese Komfa: the ritual art of Trance her doctoral thesis on an African derived spiritual practice and Mama Lou Tales: a folkloric biography of a Guyanese Elder. Most recently she edited the anthology In Search of Mami Wata: Narratives and Images of African Water Spirits. She organises an annual ritual in honour of the Orisa (Yoruba river deity) mami Osun.

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